Monday, January 23, 2017

Data Management

Just a quick pop-in!
We are doing a short Data unit this week and I just whipped up a quick little assessment piece for Friday.  I will share it with you here.


Friday, January 06, 2017

Assessment Tracking

I have completed my addition to my Grade 2 assessment/tracking grids, and have posted them in my tpt store.  This package includes all subjects from the Ontario, Canada, Curriculum (except French).  There are 2 formats included.  The first method of tracking is for each student to have his/her own data pages.  These are handy for parent conferences, SRT meetings, and doing report cards.  The second method is on ledger paper and has 10 students per page.  This is handy for a doing quick assessments and see a quick visual of how students are doing overall and compared to one another.  This is good feedback for yourself (ie. If everyone is underachieving, how can I change my teaching method; If everyone is doing exceptional [pat self on back], how can I challenge them more; if a couple of students are much lower than the others, how can I support their learning).  Here are some sample pages:
You can buy the whole package HERE.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

I have just, finally, added my Christmas Around the World unit to Teacher's Pay Teachers.
Check it out!
I've been using it for a few years and the kids love it!
Plus they learn a lot about other countries, traditions, and celebrations!
Social Studies and Language Expectations.

Poinsettia from Mexico

Reindeer from North Pole

At the airport - having passports checked, going through security, being welcomed!

Sunday, October 02, 2016

My classroom, all ready for the first day.

Pennant from Wal Mart, wrapping paper to cover bulletin boards from Wal Mart.  I made the letters using Astro-Brite paper, from Wal Mart and 'KG Wake Me Up' font.

More wrapping paper from Wal Mart; paper fans from Party City.

I used the Astro Brite card stock for this banner I made myself, and 'MTF Jumpin' Jack' font.  Ribbon from Wal Mart.

View from doorway coming in.

New Super Improver Team poster.  It starts out with the name cards and levels facing the wall, so you can do a big dramatic presentation of it later in the first week.  I brightened it up this year, using Astro-brite paper, lots of different fonts on the levels, and 'KG Defying Gravity' font for the title bar.  Wal Mart wrapping paper.

5 Class Rules are facing backwards, to make more of an impact as the students learn them.

Reading corner, equipped with comfy van seats and bead curtain.

My Back to School theme was 'Happy New Year'.  The decorations were from a New Year's Eve party my daughter had.  She was happy the '2016' paraphernalia could be used again.  All from Party City.   All the children received a string of beads and a horn blower (from the Dollar Store).  As I met them outside, we went and gathered in the picnic shelter, so the 'honking' was not in the school.  :)  It was a great way for them to expel some nervous energy right from the get go.

My desk area.  Note the beautiful lunch bag, from 31, a parent gave me at the end of last year.  And, my New Year headband.  :) 

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Classroom ready!

 Flat Stanley is ready for school!

Wrapping Paper and flag banner from Wal-Mart; paper fans from Party City

Astro-brite cardsock from Wal Mart; cut flags myself

More wallpaper cover; Scotch pattern tape for borders; Super Improver Wall ready; 
start of year books

Beads and van seats = 70's style Reading Corner

Happy New Year theme!

Notice Thirty-one lunch bag (gift from student at end of last year); New Year's head band on desk